1988 General Assembly

The events of the Palestinian uprising beginning in November 1987 caused the 1988 General Assembly to issue a call to Israel to:

1988 Statement – PC(USA),  p. 365

  1. Cease the systematic violation of the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories.  Specifically, we call for an end to the policies and(or) practices of administrative detention, collective punishment, the torture of prisoners and suspects, and the deportation of dissidents.
  2. End the policies and(or) practices of beatings and of food and fuel embargoes in the attempt to subjugate and break the will of the Palestinian population, thus ending resistance to Israeli control of the occupied territories.
  3. End the settlements policy and the acquisition of land within the occupied territories, since these simply provoke the Arab peoples and reduce the opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the conflicting claims of Israelis and Palestinians;
  4. End its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as part of a larger peace process.  [and]
  5. Participate in an international peace conference under the auspices of the United Nations in order to meet with the Palestinian people through representatives of their own choosing and to resolve the outstanding differences that confront the two peoples.