1992 General Assembly

The 204th General Assembly (1992) applauded the 1991-1992 Middle East peace talks in Washington, D.C., and:

1992 Statement – PC(USA),  pp. 76-77

  1. Commends the actions of the President and Congress: (a) in their pursuit of peace through the advocacy of bilateral and multilateral negotiations between Israelis, Palestinians, and their Arab neighbors; (b) their policies in refusing loan guarantees for Israel until the building of settlements on the occupied territories has come to a halt;
  2. Calls for the promotion of the free exercise of religion for Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the region;
  3. Calls for exploration and investigation of additional ways to reduce feelings of despair and abandonment that the Christian communities in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and Lebanon are experiencing, and to encourage and enable them to sustain residence in their homelands;
  4. Calls upon the United States government to press for the end to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, West Bank, and Gaza, and for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon;
  5. Calls for the protection of Palestinian rights as new immigrants to Israel increase economic and social pressure in that region;
  6. Calls for reexamination of U.S. practice and policy relating to the sale of arms with the goal of the demilitarization of the Middle East. . . .