2000 General Assembly

2000 Statement – PC(USA),  p. 498

Jerusalem is a city with a history held sacred by Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all children of Abraham. A peaceful settlement of the territorial claims of Palestinians and Israelis can be achieved only by negotiation that respects the holiness and wholeness of the city.  Jerusalem must not belong to a single people but must be open to all, shared by two peoples (Palestinians and Israelis) and three religions (Christian, Muslim, and Jewish).  Access to holy places and freedom of worship must be available to people of all faiths.  Previous General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have called for international negotiations to determine Jerusalem’s future and for the free exercise of religion for all traditions in that city.

The 212th General Assembly (2000) support[s] the efforts of all who seek a peace for Jerusalem—a peace that respects humankind and the political rights of Christians, Muslim Palestinians, and Israelis, as well as the rights of these three religious communities.