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PFMEP recognizes that there are a lot of additional resources on the Internet about the Israel/Palestine conflict.  Many Presbyterians who favor a balanced PCUSA policy may want to read more from writers who  favor a balanced approach to peacemaking.  PFMEP believe that following Internet link can provide information resources that help to provide balance to the discussion of Middle East issues that is not found on the PCUSA website nor that of the Israel/Palestine Mission Network website.

PFMEP has compiled this list of websites that will help Presbyterians learn more about the Middle East and current issues.  Inclusion of websites or blogs on this list does not mean that the views expressed are necessarily supported by the PFMEP but they do provide a broader range of views, which may help Presbyterians to better understand some of the issues and thereby appreciate the complexities that exist.


The Institute on Religion and Democracy seeks balance, fairness, and informed consideration of Middle East issues from a distinctly Christian ethic. 

IRD Middle East commentary –

IRD commentary on the 2010 Middle East Study Committee Report  – 


Jim Roberts interview on the Dennis Prager Show

On June 30, 2010, San Diego attorney Jim Roberts, who serves on the Steering Committee for Presbyterians for Middle East Peace, was a featured guest on the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager radio talk show. In that interview, Jim summarized some of the issues related to Israel/Palestine that are being decided at the PCUSA’s 219th General Assembly.

Listen to the full interview: