General Assembly will debate divestment

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Targeted for Divestment: Caterpillar Tractor

The Caterpillar Tractor Company is the number one target of the global Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement, and the 220th General Assembly will debate a proposal for church-affiliated funds to divest Caterpillar stock. The company is targeted for divestment because it provides bulldozers to the United States government that are then re-sold to the government of Israel and utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). BDS literature is filled with accusations that Caterpillar bulldozers are used in a large scale, systematic campaign to destroy the homes and property of Palestinian families.

A visitor to the West Bank today, however, is much more likely to see Caterpillar equipment being used to build homes and essential infrastructure for Palestinians than to witness demolitions. They will see Caterpillar equipment, owned by Palestinian contractors and government agencies, and operated by Palestinian construction workers, building homes, infrastructure, and a new planned city for 40,000 Palestinians.


A Letter to General Assembly Commissioners

Rev. Bill Borror is senior pastor of Media Presbyterian Church and a member of the Middle East Monitoring Group established by the 219th General Assembly.  He is also the overture advocate for the overture on Middle East peacemaking from Presbytery of Philadelphia.  Rev. Borror wrote a powerful letter to the GA commissioners from Presbytery of Philadelphia and gave us permission to reprint it on our website.  We urge you to read it.

FAQ's on Middle East Issues

A compilation of frequently asked questions on Middle East peacemaking issues is now available on the PFMEP website.


PFMEP General Assembly Events

The Presbyterians for Middle East Peace General Assembly Breakfast is set for 7 AM on Saturday, June 30.  The time was changed from 8 AM previously to give attendees additional time to attend subsequent GA events.  We anticipate a very good turnout and invite everyone coming to the GA to attend.  Cost is $11 and can be paid at the door if you haven't pre-purchased a ticket.


On Sunday, July 1, We will be hosting an Open House from 5 to 7 PM, In the Cambria East and West rooms at the Westin.  Please join us.

Finally, PFMEP invites all Youth Advisory Delegates to a free special viewing of a new video entitled “Voices/Peace”, at the Westin, Allegheny III room at 12:30 PM, Tuesday, July 3.  The video was filmed at a gathering of Palestinian and Israeli teenagers at an upstate retreat in New York as part of a grassroots peacemaking program organized by Auburn Theological Seminary.  Following the viewing there will be an open discussion focused on how young people can advance Middle East peace through grassroots dialogue.




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