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A Presbyterian pastor since 1974, John Wimberly served Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. for thirty years prior to his retirement in 2012.   A life-long social justice advocate, John has helped start non-profits to work with rape victims, abused women, low income children, the homeless and healthcare in Ethiopia.  He ha...s been president of the Board of Directors of numerous organizations ranging from The Presbyterian Outlook to the ACLU in Washington, D.C.  Throughout his career, he has been active in interfaith work, especially with the Jewish and Islamic communities.  Starting in 2004, he focused some of his energy on the Israel-Palestine peace process. More
Mike Gizzi was a ruling elder commissioner to the 221st General Assembly. Mike authored a commissioners resolution addressing the controversial publication "Zionism Unsettled."
George Douglas is a ruling elder and a member of the steering committee of Presbyterians for Middle East Peace and serves as editor of the PFMEP website. He has visited Israel and Palestine on multiple occasions. He also serves on the West Coast Advisory Board of Save a Child’s Heart, a charity that brings Palestinian children and childre...n from developing countries into Israel for life-saving heart surgery.   More