Kairos Palestine and the Middle East Peace Process

 Promotion of the Kairos Palestine document has become a major focus of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Movement, and has been presented to several Christian church bodies, including the PCUSA, for endorsement.  We believe that the document should be approached carefully.  Some elements of Kairos Palestine are consistent with a Christian perspective on peacemaking, while much of  the document’s content is controversial, and, many would argue, counterproductive to advancement of peace in the Middle East.
Our goal is to provide our readers with material to help them make their own assessment of Kairos Palestine, and develop a reasoned and thoughtful response.  Below are several articles we think will be helpful:
Disentangling Kairos Palestine  provides an overview of the controversy surrounding Kairos Palestine. 
The Kairos Palestine Document and PCUSA’s Response: Time for a Candid Discussion  discusses Kairos Palestine and the approach the PCUSA has taken to the document.
Where We Are  is an article by Rev. Dr. John Wimberly, who is co-moderator of Presbyterians for Middle East Peace.
An “Opportune” Moment of Historical Revisionism  is an article by Ethan Felson.  We at Presbyterians for Middle East Peace believe that effective communication with the American Jewish community can be beneficial in the cause of advancing Middle East peace, and has often been inadequate in past PCUSA deliberations on Middle East peacemaking.  
Links for articles: