On the Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East

Although Presbyterians for Middle East Peace was formed around issues relating to justice for Israelis and Palestinians, we are filled with heavy hearts as we watch violence envelop Syria and Egypt and new waves of violence emerge in Iraq.  It is clear that the problems in the Middle East are rooted in deep, complex issues.  We pray for the peace of Egypt, Syria and Iraq and their peoples, and that all will be safe.

We are especially concerned by the violence against protestors and the targeting of churches in Egypt.  The Egyptian government’s excessive use of force, the high number of deaths, and the targeting of Christians by extremists are all profoundly troubling.  We condemn the attacks on innocent people, churches, monasteries, and Christian schools, and urge the government of Egypt to provide them with security, safety, and basic rights. 

We ask our government and the international community to do everything possible to end the violence and protect the lives of the innocent.  We also ask our leaders to stand firm in our commitment to fundamental human rights, including the rights of religious minorities, women, and children. Millions of people in the Middle East strive for a future of peace, tolerance, and opportunity. They need and deserve the support and prayers of all in the PCUSA.