PFMEP on the plight of Coptic Christians


As Presbyterians committed to peace in the Middle East, we are saddened and angered by the ongoing persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt. The most recent violence in which 25 people were killed and more than 300 injured continued a string of attacks on the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Singling people out for violence because of their faith is one of the most fundamental and basic violations of human rights.   We call upon the U.S government and The United Nations to apply pressure on Egypt so the rights of all people of faith in Egypt are respected and protected.

As long as people of one faith group view people of other faith communities as a threat to them it will be impossible to create a sustainable peace in the Middle East region. PFMEP lends its voice to those who call on all faith communities to respect the integrity of faith communities other than their own. Whether it is a Christian, Muslim, or Jew who is attacked because of their faith, leaders of all faiths should rise up and protest such injustice. We cannot have violence in the name of God.