Presbyterian Outlook Debate: Investment versus Divestment

A recent issue of the Presbyterian Outlook presented commentary on the Investment versus divestment debate. We were pleased to participate representing the positive investment case, with the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) advocating divestment. The articles are available on the Presbyterian Outlook website:

       Investment, democracy and the foundations of Middle East peace 

       PC(USA) investment moves address only half the equation

We believe that fair debate with equal time for competing viewpoints is essential. At the 2012 General Assembly, a divestment resolution was endorsed by the Middle East Committee but rejected in its entirety by the plenary. The reason for the apparent anomaly was clear. The plenary debate was carefully balanced to give equal time to the two viewpoints. In committee, however, a strikingly disproportionate amount of floor time was provided to divestment advocates.   In some cases, divestment advocacy was presented to the committee as “education” or “background” on the issues for discussion. This is plainly unacceptable, and something that must be addressed in advance of the next GA in 2014.