Responsible Actions Needed to Stem Violence

Presbyterians for Middle East Peace (PFMEP) urges all Presbyterians to pray for and actively work for level-headed and peace-minded leaders to emerge in Israel amid the current violence.  This past week saw an Israeli military attack on a militant group in the West Bank followed by revenge killings by Palestinians of seven Jewish Israelis outside a synagogue and another shooting of Israeli Jews. These two shootings triggered approximately 140 attacks on Palestinians by Israeli Jewish settlers over the weekend. This firestorm of violence must be stopped to avoid it escalating into a full-blown war.

            The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people appears to be at another dangerous tipping point. PFMEP urges the PCUSA to avoid polarizing the situation further with its own volatile language. Instead, let us find and support every and all leaders in Israel and Palestine who realize that the only way forward is peaceful coexistence rooted in a just resolution of this tragic conflict.