Former President Bill Clinton, in a recent interview, was asked about his efforts toward ending the conflict in Northern Ireland. He expressed the deep satisfaction he got from being able to contribute as a peacemaker, and then said something quite profound:

“I’m well aware of the fact that it’s like every other peace. The primary movers are the people themselves. If the people in the area don’t want it, their leaders won’t do it, and outsiders can’t help it. A guy like me can really help get something done when the grass has been watered. I give the Irish people the overwhelming credit.”

The message here is that peacemaking must occur at not just the level of leadership, but also at the grassroots level.  Presbyterians for Middle East Peace has produced a new video, “Voices/Peace”, in conjunction with Auburn Theological Seminary, that was filmed in upstate New York during an Auburn program that brought together Palestinian and Israeli teenagers.  To view this video simply click on the image below: